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I go into bars optimistically and leave them misty optically :(
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Ha. wrote
by westness 1 mins ago

drey. you are my golden crumpet, for every second , you blow my trumpet, if your bum was here, I'd love to hump it, oh mighty drey, you are my golden crumpet

golden crumpet by westness on 10th January.
rant wrote
yuck: men with photos of their six-packs, manky mock-tribal tattoos and no face, photos of men with "nieces", people who can't put apostrophes in the right place's, women whose albums consist entirely of them in nurse/army kinky outfits, pouting in photos, people who put interests as "sex, getin wasted, ma car, footie" < Is that all you want people to know about you? that you like to get laid? who doesn't?
untitled wrote
Some people say the glass is half empty. Some people say the glass is half full. I say, Are you gonna drink that?
untitled wrote
went to slovakia over xmas. an excellent 18 days of drinking if i say so myself. got to get back to the gym now so i actually look like my profile picture again :D
nicotine wrote
I quit smoking this morning *yay* and am now using some dumb inhalator thing, which is doing nothing except humiliating me *not yay* cos it looks like I'm smoking a tampon. :/ Anyone got any better ideas, preferably speaking from experience?
5 entries  

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