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Tall, Dark and Purple at Heart....
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A journey into sensual stimulation... wrote
..its a cool, late summer evening and you find yourself wondering along a path leading into the woods. It's dusk, and as the path winds, twists and turns this way and that into the depths of the forest, dappled light dances on the ground through the thickening green canopy over head. The air is sweet, fresh and intoxicating,and on the last visible corner of the paths meandering curve stands a tall mysterious dark figure,who seems to beckon silently with his presance alone.
.Dare you follow ?
spring... wrote
..yes its definitely in the air, can you feel it yet ? The saps beginning to rise, the air still sharp and crisp with frost in the morning, but the sunshine has more strength now....the days begin to grow that little bit longer each day, animals more active and alert....Spring she Stirs, stretches and and prepares to dance to the rhythm of the awakening earth..
untitled wrote
...now winters touch is truly upon us, the wind it howls and bites, breath ahngs in the air like steam then disipates,naked branches glisen in the pale sunlight, and the frosted ground crunches underfoot with every step....
3 entries  

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