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If ur lookin2swap pix&vids then DONT msg me! Im1/2vietnamese, 1/4chinese, 1/4french,born in UK
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OMFG!!!! wrote
on sat that jus passed..i was lighting up my cig....n then kinda had my attention on the tv as i was doing it....I FUCKIN SET MY HAIR ON FIRE N SINGED MA EYEBROW!! lIKE WTF...LOL...
bored n cant sleep? wrote
im bored n cant sleep.its dumb ass chink new yr!n2all yo chinks,no offence.im chinkish maself!bt yeah.sux so far.dumb ass family pissin me of. 2a dear ex of mine.hope she does make u happy hun.wishin u d best in future r/ships.2 gemma DIM SUM!LOL. N 2 Kimmy Kimz.. PUNK ASS!!STP chatin2 d LON CHOWS! Or ya white meat sis guna hav2whoop der flat ass!lol
continued TOSER! wrote
25 on 2 ud be dead!bt we dnt fight lyk pussys!so BRAP!!U THINK U WON WEN WE WALKD AWAY WITH 23 OF U WATCHIN OUR ASS AS WE LEFT UR OTHER 2 CUDNT EVEN STAND UP AND HAD 2HOLD HER UP.u think u rushd us by jumpin in bt u punch n bootd us with power of a 5yr old! So final wrds 2 u WHO LUKD LYK A FOOL!
continued TOSER! wrote
head,3 litle bruises n a achy neck.To fatty in d black top,ha enjoy ur belt wid buckle whips in ya bak n ur head,2d fat prick who try push me in d ocean wid d stripy blue n white top wid ya ova 5pussy frends bet ya wernt expectin me dodge u n 2roll n manage 2flip a fat prick lyk u wiv my legs! 25 of u pussy n we still walk away tall n proud!! 2of us!! If it was 1on1 or even 1of us on4 of u we wuda taken u out!dare u cum london. We wnt b a pussy lyk u! We do 1 on 1! N watch u end up in hospital!
TOSERS! wrote
haha!no offence 2the 1s who wernt there or who live there but if u read this n u was there then u LOT R A BUNCH OF PUSSY TOSERS WHO wer in brixham that day,24 aug 10.30pm thurs nyt! 25+ of u boy n girls r ALL PUSSYS FYTN ONLY ME n MY gf n we walkd away wid jack shit!d prick who i had in a hed lock bet ur gf is 1 ugly bitch wid a mangle muckd up bloody bruised up face frm bein fukd up n u toser cant even fight1on 1 cos we wuda taken ever single of u1 out! 25+ of u and all i got is a bump on my h
5 entries  

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