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Name: Ben
Details: 33 years old (Leo), Male, Single, Straight
Location: Northallerton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/stallions44
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Finally...a good photo!
I'm on the left...
Back in the day...
Me and my mate Dean
In my own words

Let's get a couple of things straight:
1) I've come to know who I am lately. I'm not a dick. I was pleasantly surprised.
2) For the most part, people piss me off. But I'll always welcome people who can show me I'm wrong.

Moving on...I tend to find that the people who are really, truly themselves are the ones who attract me most. I admire that, whether in friendship or in an attractive girl.

I'm trying to adjust to single life again...I had it down completely once over, but not so much anymore.

I'm kind of at a crossroads in my life...I feel change is coming, but I don't know how or when.

Either way, get in touch.
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solosd10293 wrote...  
looool ermm okay lol .. x
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solosd10293 wrote...  
ohh yhh me 2 proper liked it .. and haha the rock will win u can tell x
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solosd10293 wrote...  
lmao i watched dat tooodaayyy haha catdog lolz x
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solosd10293 wrote...  
lmao yeah i do i liked ed edd n eddy lol x
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lildanyell wrote...  
Fair enough, but I'm quite a simple being. Give me a good game and a console I can understand and I'll be happy for hours.
I've only recently started reading his books (my dad's been a fan for years, and I decided it was time I gave them a go) I'm still on my first one, Johnny and the dead at the moment, but his writing style is amazing! x
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lildanyell wrote...  
I quite like Terry Pratchett aswell, you clearly have good tastes.
I'm never actually been on a ps3, I have an xbox, GTA and Star wars & Indiana lego, therefore xbox is my favourite :) haha x
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__siobhan wrote...  
No way jose! x
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eek___ wrote...  
I never thought I could either! I would still love to teach secondary, but primary kids are funny! I want to be one of those eccentric drama teachers that every school has...
ah yeah, i know what you mean about topshop staff! they clearly must have known, you must radiate cool vibes or something..
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eek___ wrote...  
Oooh that sounds goood :) I was volunteering in my old primary school for a bit after i got back there, I loved it! kids are so funny, if ridiculously cheeky sometimes!
ha, don't get me wrong, I like a bitta topshop every now and again, but I don't buy everything in the shop, including a minging jumpsuit or whatever's supposed to be fashionable :)
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eek___ wrote...  
Seville sounds great, as long as we can go to Vienna at some point, it's not very hot but for some reason i've always wanted to visit Austria :S
ahhh that sounds really interesting though! Drama's not as amazing as it sounds, course was full of girls who were wearing the whole of topshop and thought they were gonna make it big! i just wanted to be a teacher, haha
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Favorite Things

I like good food, not junk. That's about it.

Punk, Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Reggae...all sorts

TV Show
Heroes. Always Heroes. Heroes = win.

Too many...

Author / Book
Pratchett, de Bernieres, Tolkien, Steinbeck...

Night Club / Bar
I frequent many. I like very few.

LaDainian Tomlinson, Juninho, Ian D'Sa+ lots more


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