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Name: asdf
Details: 32 years old, Female, Open Minded
Location: Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/red-xiii
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kiya- wrote...  
<3 :D
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rikku_rocks wrote...  
i'm going to squirt leg jelly all over your christmas hams until you're wet and panting like a labrador in an underwater g-force centrifuge
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bekkibaybee wrote...  
OMG shut up you blatantly fancy me don't you, you big dirty wotsit ;)
Joking obv! xD
I feel like quavers, but i actually cba moving out of bed...where are you when i need you! :( haha xxx
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yehboiiiii wrote...  
saw that and thought of you!!! <3
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bekkibaybee wrote...  
HAHA no wonder i don't like fish fingers anymore, lame.
How the feck have you been anyway? I had THE fittest cake ever before, well two.
Just thought i would share that anyway.
I have the joy of working 8am-8pm for the next 8 days, it should be illegal to work weekends :( xx
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bekkibaybee wrote...  
You cruel human being!
Tbf though i once traumitized a fish with my friend after school.
It involved pouring every toilet based cleaner we could find, and then poking its eyeballs out with tweezers...whilst laughing like a fricking maniac.
Rip Nemo.
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bekkibaybee wrote...  
Lets have a romantic walk around the fish section in Asda. X x
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bekkibaybee wrote...  
I love you too! Even more than i love Jews...and i LOVE Jews.
I've been working too much lately, hence why i have abandoned you.
*Hands jaffa cake* ;)
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bekkibaybee wrote...  
Haha behave yourself I'm not! But thankyou babe, fancy a bum?
I love you and I love wotsits, let's have a sexy wotsit party! Kinky eh? ;) haha.
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bekkibaybee wrote...  
That is SO not true!
I hope you feel guilty for making me comfort eating and drinking my sorrows away!(n)
Jokes, I love you long time! <3 xxx
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