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Building steam with a grain of salt...
Name: Disco Stu
Details: 40 years old (Capricorn), Male, Single, Straight
Location: Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/polecat
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And again....
Om the buses
Says it all really.
And relax....
In my own words

So I'm a musician (gratuitous plug to the site further down) and have been for many years, I love reading and writing and generally doing stuff, I dislike computer games, well the ones that suck you in, I also think that Jarvis Cocker is a total leg.end, Ricky Gervais is an arse, The Smiths are awful, festivals are better than other holidays, bacon is a wonderful invention, bedtime is never long enough and Qi is better than school ever was. Bet you love me now eh? No? Oh well, move on then.
First blog in 8 years of being here?
And I've so little to say tonight.

No, I have but I find the irritating part of it all the constant though of what people will find interesting and what they won't.

I'll pobably just inquire and moan.

I find it strange that my profile has been on here so long, yet I've not a single friend, I've never made a friend through here and I have an empty chat list, you can make of this what you will, I can't seem to make anything of it.

Writing this is distracting me from watching Stephen F
My Worst Day...

was my 'surprise' 21st birthday party, I've never had to do a disappearing act from my own bash (well, I say my own, the bash that people though I'd enjoy), surrounded by people I didn't like whilst the people I wanted to be with were elsewhere and I was stuck in a rubbish pub in Swansea and dragged to an even more rubbish club. I escaped and went home, the organisers of that night still don't know that I hated every second of it.
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red-xiii wrote...  
<3 small furry things, yay!
S'okay, I'll make a lovely-looking calling card in my head. With glitter & rainbows & stuff xo
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xstacey wrote...  
Apparently one2one isn't workin :S
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xstacey wrote...  
Naa I don't really do gigs :S Dunno why... And I haven't met ANYONE near me so ye, not overly keen on going for a night out on my own :| Plus I'd get so lost. x0x
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xstacey wrote...  
Your comment was too long :P
I can see why you'd hate growin up here...I don't think I woulda coped!
I only moved here back in Jan so I'm still quite new to it all!
I used to get in too much shit back home so this has done me bloody good!
Now I can't see me leaving this place!
I really love it here too much
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xstacey wrote...  
Cheers, love :D
SO why did you move over to the lavly Welshland then?
Dya like it here?
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xstacey wrote...  
Sounds, er...interestin...
Ahaha well I occasionally go home and make the most of it...then come back and feel like crap 'cos of lack of sleep :S sall gravy tho!
What's swansea like?
Oooohhh do you kno any good tattoo places there?
I'm desperate to get mine finished and some new ones...
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xstacey wrote...  
I've never watched the shinning so have no idea what you're talking about.
Tbh no, there is shit all to do here, I work 4-5 days a week, days off I jus stay in bed all day! or on the very odd occasion go out somewhere...bare in mind it's a 2 mile walk to catch the bus!
I quite like bein a recluse!
Really miss going out drinkin tho!
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xstacey wrote...  
Ahahaha! Yee I gotcha!
It's such an odd language tho :S
The accent itself gets me in a muddle...I live and work at some stables, jus off the a40 between sennybridge and trecastle, we get people up for riding lesson and I seriously struggle to understand them :S
I'm an East Sussex girl I am :D
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xstacey wrote...  
Ahahah! Yee...I do that to the planes too...the army base is 2 miles away from here, and they fly really low in the valley, so annoying!
p.s...how the hell do you say the place you live in?
I'm not actually from Wales...the language confuses me..
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xstacey wrote...  
'Cos I'm in Sennybridge, middle of nowhere and I never see anyone :P
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