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It's Fridayy wrote
So my Uncle came back home with my favourite Gin tonight! Usually I can't ever reach tipsy or drunk at all. (I've drank far too much in the past) hoping as I haven't drank in ages and my mouth is practically an open wound that tonight might be a different story ;-)

He even bought my favourite crisps! So sad, they're only the Asda Ready Salted Potato Sticks haha. Very happy girl tonight with Gin, Chocolate Buttons, Crisps and Netflix. Feel free to message- I won't bite tonight ;-)
Bitter minds and New Chapters wrote
Well today I received an interesting message. It never shocks me to get a first rude message on any site just because somebody didn't get what they wanted. 2019 and you still always get the rare odd ball..

Happier notes?

The working week is nearly done huns! All ready to welcome the weekend so everyone can drink and chill out. Bonus ball, I move into my first new home Monday Woooo ;-)
3 Days After Operation wrote
Everybody seems to be complaining about the snow and cold air but I LOVE this view and snow in general. Still in bed recovering but at least I can daydream through the window. As far as comments on my looks go? The swelling still hasn't gone down even a little! Not very weather appropriate but I reckon a tub of ice-cream could fasten the pace..already impatient to get outside again soon...
Surgery wrote
Very happy I'm home in my own bed after a successful bimaxillar operation was carried out on me yesterday morning. Extremely relieved it's over and done with even if I do look this squared face!
4 entries  

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