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Music, shoes....Glitter and tattoos ;-)
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My outlook at the moment wrote
Most blokes seem to be tools, egotistical and up themselves, demanding photos or trying to put you down to knock your confidence so that you'll give in and send them photos, some think that 'treat them mean, keep them keen' works....I'll drop you like a sack of shit mate if you try that with me!
I don't chase friendships, relationships and especially not blokes...I have respect for myself thanks and I don't do looking desperate :-)
My mindset toward people :-) wrote
Either you like me or you dont, I won't try to impress you, I'll be nothing other than myself, even if I wanted to, I couldn't be anything but me.
I won't chase friendships nor relationships, and cutting people out comes easily to me and I won't even think twice about it.
I dress and look the way I do, for me, not for you or anyone else, I'm bipolar, I'm not an idiot so don't treat me like one, I'll quite happily take yer jaw off if you try and use my illness against me :-)
People!! wrote
People annoy the hell out of me!
Some are so stupid, judgemental and ignorant!
Some only want you for what they can get out of you.
Some only want you for the way you look.
Some only want you when it suits them.
Some only want you when they have no one left.
Some cheat and lie.
Some use your faults against you.
Some are just nasty scumbags!
If you are any of the above....DO 1!
I can more than handle myself.
3 entries  

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