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I'm just a fucked up girl looking for her own piece of mind
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Fuck you all wrote
Nuff said
4 day bender wrote
You all seem to enjoy reading about my life I don't like to disappoint! For the past four days I have no been sober but have only spent £5!!! I don't know how in managed it! Been to a few mad house parties with a load of crazy fuckers! Was a good laugh! Next time you all should come with!!!
Hangover ..., wrote
Just wanted to take a moment and give this hangover the credit it deserves. I have no clue what happend last night but I woke up with a sexy guy in my bed! Always a win! Couldn't tell you if we fucked or not :s bad times! Back to this hangover! I feel like my head is about to explode, that I'm going to vomit everywhere and so sleepy it hurts! Well done hangover you win this time! Never again!
Limited inboxes ... wrote
What's that's all about I mean really? Who makes a place to chat and then limits the amount you can chat? Bullshit really. So yeah do think I'm rude if I don't inbox you back chances are iv caught you attention but you haven't caught mind why should I use o e of my limited inboxes on you? Keep it exciting or I'm not gonna bother :). That's not to say I think I'm gods gift or anything is just rather have a short conversation with someone that entertains me then with someone that just sends "hi".
4 entries  

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