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Don't hate....appreciate!
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BE NICE!!!! wrote
Look, I know my "lifestyle choices" are not everyone's cuppa tea but I am a genuinely nice and decent person, amiable and honest, loyal and trustworthy...and a barrel of laughs when you get to know me :) If I comment/message you its because I have looked at your pics and/or read your profile and its provoked something from me - if this contact is unwanted a simple "thanks but not my thing" will suffice - no point getting upset or offended - I am not a freak or a weirdo or a pervert - so be nice
Going AWOL wrote
Thinking of coming off here - have "friends" who I am linked to who don't even bother to reply to my messages when they are online so doubt I'd be missed - if anyone does wanna keep in touch then message me before I go and I'll give you alternate contact details
Loving the sun :) wrote
Fab day yesterday - got all my chores done and then a friend turned up in a new soft-top sports car and took me for a blast in the countryside and we found a lovely little country pub and shared a bite to eat and enjoyed a couple of local ciders and then went for a walk in a grassy meadow and snogged in the sunshine and I have not been so happy in a long time :) x
Can anyone see me??? :s wrote
Don't wanna be known as a moaning minnie but kinda getting fed up with people who chat to me and link with me and appear to accept me and get on with me....only to go quiet/ignore me further down the line. If you don't really wanna chat to me then just say - its much nicer than leaving me hanging :s
1,000 visitors barrier broken! wrote
I can't believe I have had over 1,000 visitors to my profile...and from that managed to make 8 friends - not sure if thats a reflection on me or the fact that only 0.8% of people on here are decent! :s
5 entries  

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