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Quitting Smoking wrote
Today is day three of not smoking, after 12 years of addiction i hope to kick the habit for good, I am using Zyban to help me :-) Im taking every day as it comes and I remind myself that it will get easier in time :-) and I also remind myself that smoking is a filthy habit
Wealth wrote
Most people consider wealth in the sense of assets, A man that drives a Ferrari and has a six figure bank balance, is that wealth? to me that's just a capitalist mindset, here is an example of another form of wealth, I remember walking through London and I saw a Homeless man hugging his dog, now that is a poor man with a wealthy heart,I would consider myself a wealthy man If I had the love of a good woman, I dont mean a beautiful woman, I mean a kind natured woman that was also my best friend .
The Devils Tricks wrote
The Devil is the master of deception, he has fooled mankind into believing in aliens instead of god, the biggest trick the Devil ever played was making women believe they look better in their makup
Political Stuffs and International Affairs wrote
Its just crazy, especially with Syria as we are on the road to world war 3, America has made the allegations that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the Rebel groups they are having a civil war with, Right so Syria attacks Syria so therefore Israel, America and its Allies have to go out there and Air strike em, yea and Western Military intervention really worked well in Libya and Iraq, America goes to war on average once every three years. The west are the real terrorists.
4 entries  

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