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I give up wrote
I give up. I'm done. I'm signing off of this pain train they call life . I'm tired. Tired of being judged . Tired of never quite making it. I'm tired of people thinking im always happy..or thinking they know something about me. I'm tired of the assumptions people make just because of how I look. I can't help that ...it's not my fault. I'm tired . And Ive given my last chance at trying ....it's all for nothing if you ask me . There is no such thing as love in the 21st century. Goodbye all
?? wrote
awww man lol what is it with this thing ? you post a video and it pure sqaushes you down into a wee square makin you look like a wee hobbit or somethin ! anyway nevermind. no one on this site anymore anyway ....oh dear , i just realised im truly talking to myself :'D !
untitled wrote
''It's the weirdest thing. . i feel like ive been a coma for about twenty years , and im just now waking up''
3 entries  

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