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My head wrote
Why is it that it's hard for a man that actually is a good, loyal, honest, and faithful man.. to be trusted..? Yes i know that because of things that men have did to females in past events cause women to stop messing with men completely..but what about those men who can't find a woman because the women that attract them the most are the ones who've been hurt the most...? All a good man needs is a woman that'll will stick with him through thick and thin...it's not all about the financial. Mars.
Me wrote
Skin paler than the walls that haunt my dreams....Eyes red like the apple eve turned her back for Her tongue is swift A serpant she slithers seeking to and fro on whom she'll devour...Men...Good men who are blinded by lustful thoughts seek not desire in the true form of what Eves' beauty displays... My heart grew cold when hers did too...Winter forever in the soul of a woman... Now i find myself alone....more alone because of the rejection displayed by the other half, cool ,breeze, draft..Mars.
B is for Beautiful wrote
B is for "Beautiful" from the tip of your crown to your cuticles i just wanted you to know... What i know in my damn heart or in my f***king soul ,Inspired by someone great but in my eyes its so Hard for me to let you know what my mind knows
My soul left but there's no telling on where my heart'll go
It was just heaven a couple nights ago You're my queen and i would never ever let you go Have mercy on my soul please Goddess.. With my heart baby won't you please be modest Sincerely...Mars.
3 entries  

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