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Concieted.... wrote
Now i know i might Not be the Nicest person in the world
but come on Concieted? thats not me is it =/
Yes i know i took your boyfriend just cuz i could and Yesss i know i finished with him after a week cuz i got Bored and ok yesss u have found out Im fuckin a guy thats Engaged and yes he buys me loads of expensive things. ok ok i know I think im the fuckin best in the World but thats cuz i can do these things and get away with it
but come on....concieted? me?

i never would of guessed :P
Ajay from Pc World... wrote
O M G !! he was soo fiiiine .. its times like these that i wish i was single =[

his smile, his laught was amazinn.. he spoke 2 me 4 over an hour and i only went in with my mum and bro to get my bros xbox live disk =/
in da end my mum had to drag me away lol =[
but not before he promised to come check me at work [ afta i told him where i worked ]
No Nafiye dont do it !! lol

If Carling Made Men....

Just got off the Phone wrote
With my rather annoyed bf .. apparently his cousins friends sister saw me at the kat deluna performance with my bfs friends half brother !! [ confused? yes me too ]
Had to kindly explain that i was with him [ my bf ] at the kat deluna performance .. and when he didnt shut the fuck up and listen, i called him a dopey bastard and locked his call off =O

'he say, she say'

3 entries  

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