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Another wee update lol wrote
Well peoples, it's been ages since i updated this, a whole year actually i think lol Well anyway, i'm nearly finished my first semester up in uni and I have to say it's been amazing. It's been parties and drink flat out, exactly what I expected it to be lol Now all I want to do is get my assignments finished and handed in so I can enjoy my crimbo hols. As always if you wanna chat, scribble me down a wee comment and i'll get back to ya asap =)

Love ya's

Stephen =)
Well peeps wrote
Well peoples, thought i'd better update this lad lol =P Not much been goin on really since my last blog.... well.... i turned the oul 20 and passed me drivin test =D Woooo! Still shakin from the test mind u. lol But apart from that nothin much goin on really, just tryna get all my assignments handed in b4 crimbo nd then it's food, drink and loadsa craic for a good few weeks =D =D If ya wanna chat scribble me down a wee comment nd i'll get back 2 ya =),
Peace x
What's the craic with That??!! wrote
What's the story with the comments on here, they dnt come up awful quick LoL Come on people I wants a few comments on my page here like LoL Tis lookin awful bare =P Get a typin =D
A Mad Saturday Nite LoL wrote
Well what a saturday nite!! haha Went 2 a mates 21st and they had a pinyata!!! lmao We beat the crap out of it and fed on it's sweety insides haha =P Then went out 2 a niteclub nd got quite hammered LoL Then out of there and talked in the square for bout an hour, couldn't get a taxi so walked home. Ended up stealing a traffic cone or 2 LoL Dnt ask me how that happened haha =D Next week has a lot 2 live up 2 lmao.
4 entries  

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