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You can't break me like you did your other toys.
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18 soon wrote
I'm 18 soonish, god.. thats weird to say. no longer a kid :/ though I'm sure one of my favourite past times will still be going on the swings and wearing bright and crazy gear.
Time to really think what I wanna do in my life, time goes pretty fast and yeah all that shit.
Just want to take some time and have some fun! so blahhh going raving and having a laugh is the most important thing
fp party. wrote
that was the most awesome thing EVER! no contest, it used so much of their money and what do they ask for in return? for you to fucking show up, drink and have a laugh! that is just the most rad thing i can imagine, I spent the night talking to all these people i've spoken to before but this was just so much better. I got married to random people, it was a rave of the sweet nature, people who would normally have a punch up were kissing/laughing and it was just so cool. so glad i went =D
2 entries  

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