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*Still stressed* wrote
This summer I'm hopefully off 2 America 2 do Camp America! I'm so excited! but then wen I come back I dunno wat 2 do. Ive basically quit uni now cos I was well behind with my work, failin basically & in Sept I was gonna transfer unis to do just French instead of French & Spanish.But my dad doesnt think Ishould cos I'll be in so much debt & I'll be 24 wen i finish! I could be earnin loads by then but I'm not sure what I wanna do...Oh dear! Bad times!!!xxx
*Stressed!!* wrote
I just dnt kno wat 2 do with myself atm. Think im gonna quit uni after my exams in may cos im propa hatin it! im soo skint all the tym & I dnt even have a car anymore it's a right nightmare! my family r stressin though & they think I should carry on but i dnt wanna waste more money doin somethin i hate! thinkin bout goin into beauty therapy cos i kno id really love that but i dunno how to get started! in a right mess! argh :( xx
*So bored!!* wrote
God 2day has just been sooo crap!! I ordered sum clothes off ASOS.com, nxt day delivery & they still havnt come yet! i'm so annoyed cos i'm hardly minted atm & I payed the extra £4.00 or wateva it was! grr! sooo annoyed! & i really couldnt b bothered goin 2 dance today either. by the time I got ready it was neary 3 so thought sod it, i'll just watch skins on my laptop && it wouldnt work :(:( sooo mad! think i'm havin a bad day folks!
3 entries  

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