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Lanazrote wrote
Im goin to lanzarote for 2 weeks and im loving it ,,, been a mint week accept yesterdai and the day b4 that coz ex bf wudnt fuk off n leave me alone but in the end he did thank fuck.... ppl making me happy ,, its great to be back at home again :d x
Friday Night wrote
went drinking with my mate ended up getting smashed off our boxes, cudnt walk home.. took me n ma m8 ellen and hour and a half to walk from ormesby wood to ormesby bank lol, fucking mad .. ended up collapsing o n the floor near the toilet, cudnt move for bout an half an hour then ellen ended up going to my mates house and left me :( and everyone was phoning me but i was too drunk to answer .. cnt remember where i put ma fone or ma money or fags that day.. WORSE DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!
Night Out wrote
WkD NiGhT OuT WiTh Big RoB , JoHnY , GaFfNeY N LaDs. . . N LaSsEs . . . GoIn In JaRdEr JaCkS , ThE LoBbY , BaRaCuDa , RuBa AnD LoAdS MoRe . . DanCin FuCkIn MiNt . . DiRtY DaNcIn WiTh BiG RoB. . SmOkIn WiTh JoHnY And DiDnT GeT HoMe UnTiLl 3Am N HaD WoRk NxT DaY . . .:D
3 entries  

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