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yummy mummy maybe.... Not a Milf!
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Kids! wrote
Soooo happy to be pregnant. Turns out am due Christmas Day yet again! Jesus Christ! lol
Birthday wrote
For the first time in I dont know how many years I am very excited to be celebrating my birthday. Going out Saturday night and cant believe the amount of people coming along and what they are doing for me. My guy paying for VIP area (which i'd never waste money on), one of my dearest friends paying for a show for us beforehand. Life is good, and I cannot believe how excited I am for this coming Saturday! Bring on the fun!!!!
Tattoo wrote
Got my first tattoo today and love it!
ex's 1st threat last night wrote
Your fucking dead for what you have done cunt. why stoop so low. watch your fucking self. i'll fucking get my revenge dont u fucking worrie wendy. Die.

Hmm, spelling mistakes and just wrong wrong wrong. What kind of man does that? A little man who can only attack women. But of course he denies it all, when I have the txts!

the second txt goes on, more of the same. nice eh?
Toddlers wrote
After the past few days and maybe weeks of my youngest pissing all over the house, he's finally realised what the potty is for and today for the first time used the potty without me telling him to and went a wee!
Am soooo happy and proud! lol
5 entries  

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