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Rockin , Ravin ND Total Miz B haven 08 11
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A friend ( iz it all worf it ?) wrote


Where do i start ? May be from the beginning eh ! People fck with there life'z they fck with there own mind'z & in sum case'z we fck wif other'z , with there thoughts & feeling'z there live'z ,,,, EVERYTHING .
We all meet people for diffrent reason'z , sum becum friend'z ova'z enemy'z & the ova'z passer'z bye . Luckly 4 me av met 1 ov the mozt amazing people that i will eva meet in my life at earlier tym in my life
Clea Fckd Ova wrote

Iznt it a piss-a , wen ya fcked clean ova ecspiecally wen it'z by ya so called mate or mate's , , , , , , , , There supposed 2 hav ya bak n yr supposed 2 hav there'z ne matter wot .... A gud mate will visit u in jail but ya bezt meate will b hoyin the V.O in the post wif ya. The piss take iz wen they r runnin round town givin it the big i am , wen they really couldnt fck off , instead ov shoutin the fat mouth;z off , they should b in the lane 4 a toe 2 toe & not b hiding beh
policeon the fiddle wrote
Pc liddle , police man on the fiddle
Sold al hiz drugz 2 the man in the middle
He put it on a plane , 2 newcastle air port
Picked up by the dealer , in a lite blue escort
Tuk it 2 hiz ken , chopped it in2 dealsgot locked up
Got locked up coz a customer squeeled !!!!
( Let thiz b a lesson 2 al u fckd up chava'z oot there
Truzt ne fcka n keep ya doin'z 2 yasel )
SWEET 16 wrote
Sweet 16 , me dealer sed 2 me ,
Du do u wanna party off it
On the ectasy ....
I sed hay hoe how'd it go
Juzt stick in n mouth
N juzt swallowwww .... [email protected]? [email protected] ..
A MOMENT wrote
In a moment alot can change , fing'z go rushing threw your head nd in that moment your whole world can fall apart. Sum say it'z fate or your destiny ? Wot do u wrecken ?I fink you make your own way in life,, The kyla way iz normally the fucked up way , but it'z my way.Alot ov mistakes many a tantrum , defo sum feet stampin !!!! Will i learn ? Will i fck , In a moment u cud giv your sel a gud talking 2 , do i listen or duz it fall on death ear'z ??? Well only time will tell , , , , ,
5 entries  

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