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What You Do In The Darkness Will Surely Come To Light
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Respect wrote
If a person has very little or no respect for themselves, than how can they expect anyone else to respect them. This is mainly for the females that show TOO much. You see ya body, its your temple, treat it like a temple. You have a big ass mansion, you absolutely love it off, are you gonna disrespect that in anyway? Are you gonna have anyone else disrespect it? NO!

A little goes a long way

I don't understand? wrote
I don't understand why females just love to flash bumpa and bres all over da net! Its not the ass that has the personality, its the person....Is it an insecurity thing or something? I just don't understand, sometimes it just looks skanky, and skanky ain't good. Yea ok each to their own and that...But f*uck me, put some clothes on
Disturbed and restless wrote
These damn nicotine patches are ruinin my sleepin patterns, I'm have rather weird dreams....I'm startin to question mt sanity lol
3 entries  

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