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OMG ! Went for a bath last night, and had a few people to speak to so took my phone with me to text, ( this isnt the dumb bit, I always take my phone with me and never had a problem ) ! Then i saw a spider, got scared and kinda jumped out and dropped my phone !! So gutted, feeling very lost without it !
Left it to dry out a bit, but when i turn it on, it just lights up green and vibrates !!
Heres the dumb bit, I tried to hairdryer it dry and think ive fried the battery, now it does nothing !
Poorly Xxx wrote
Got a throat infection, not impressed, wanted to go out tonight as well, and will explain why i felt so rubbish yesterday and missed what was apparently a great night xx
So sad had to change loads of my plans aswell, so unfair :( xxx
cant wait to get better, first thing im doing is having a girls night out !! xxx
Loads of people have told me a cure for sore throats, but i cant even do that because if i do, i will make people ill xxxx
sun, sea and sand !! what more could a girl want ? wrote
sitting on the beach, soaking up all the sun !!
was well worth the mega boring trip down, that took forever may i just add !!
although were just doing the same as back home anyway, i can tell this is going to be a great day with my girlies !!
am still trying to work out if i want to go to the fair while im here, i know ill regret it if i dont, but love the beach too much to move !!
tried the sea as well is fully freezing !! lol !!
loving my girlies loads, could ask for better friends !!
OMG !!! wrote
OMG !!!
can anyone beleive how hot it is ??
so happy that i have taken this week off !!! cant imagine sitting in an office all day in this heat , no chance would kill me off, fully !!
although am now finding myself most days out in the sun, on my laptop or with a mag, sunbathing and drinking beer its not good,
Me and JoJo must have gone through like 6 cases already !!!
gotta find something else to keep me ammused and cool lol, although thinking of going up to skeg tomorrow !!!!
4 entries  

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