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Boom! they forced me to get awwwwsome!
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Man wrote
What is the measure of a man?
Is it the way he helps the people around him..?
Or the reason why he does it?
Is it the deep kindness that he feels he cannot share with anyone?
Or the way he hides it from the world?
Could it be the way he starts and finishes?
Or what he does between those?

By what measure can a man be gauged and quantizised?
I believe, the measure of a man is in the way he takes you and anything he does from A to B safely.
Obama, First black president wrote
Yesterday was wonderful. Finally the first black president of "the" US of A.
its been a long time coming and coming, its been a longer road than most would care to admit, but its here. He will probably change the paint work a bit now that he's in a i would imagine eh? lol

Yesterday and everyday from now on, I am black and I am proud.. I am black and I am proud.
Take note Benson... wrote
Today has been a day of all days,
sunny, bright and in the evening a nice day's fade

Tomorrow will be a day like all days,
Long and everlasting

The future,
will be what we make it be....
3 entries  

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