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My words will make you orgasm
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The Romantic wrote
The romantic is a shipwreck, an unfinished story; a being that evolution has cast adrift. The romantic does not live, the romantic searches. He is not the strongest of body and there are many more practical of thought. In fact the romantic does really exist. He lives to tell the story of others; the romantic has one task, to grant immortality. He makes people into characters, heroes villains the romantic makes people beautiful. Yet this gift is in fact a curse for the romantic will never be hap
Start of my new Novel wrote
In Ghana there is an old wives tale. The tale goes something like this, God gave permission to Satan that he could create two things of his choice. With this creative power Satan created death and love. Death so that life could have meaning, and love so that there would be an emotion more powerful than God himself. God tried to stop Satans abuse of power by creating heaven and thus everlasting life. Yet humanity rebelled against heaven, they wanted an end to personal existence. They wept for me
2 entries  

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