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A lesson Ive learnt... wrote
Ok, its about time I learnt not to believe everything im told, im an idiot, i still believe it when someone says they love me, even tho i end up getting messed around. Ye ok i know i aint perfect or owt, but does anyone really deserve to get messed around?! Not long ago, i got dumped, ye your all probaly thinking "what the hell was she with him for anyway" well to be honest, ive got no idea either, its not nice tho when u find out someone u loved was cheating on you, kinda knocks it out of ya!
My Job wrote
Now back in London and working at LHR thats Heathrow to normal people, lol, got a great job, I do custom clearances for a company called Charles Gee (we currently bring in parts for Airbus) I get to go to different countries too!!! hehe, They bought a freight-forwarding company called CT Freight (UK) Ltd, so we do stuff for them too
Further Info About Me... wrote
Tiesto, Darren Styles, Faithless, Blink 182, Rammstein, Oasis, The Killers, Prodigy, Kylie Minogue (camp ye i know lol), anything really, love dance tho, its the best
Films & Tv
Scarface, Apocalypse Now, Godfather Trilogy, Goodfellas, Star Wars Trilogy old and new, carry on films, love actually, even tho its a girls film its great, same as pretty woman, The simpsons, Futurama, Footie (of course!hehe)now and then Family Guy but ive got to be in the mood!
3 entries  

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