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A new chance at life... wrote
05APR2010 Local EST

So, I am now stationed in Norfolk, VA and living in VB, VA. I have been here for about 3 months and love the chance to start over. If you want to hit me up for a chat, send a message.
09JUN2009 / 0355 PST (2255 Local) wrote
So, my 3rd & final deployment. I leave this ship in just shy of 7 months. I'm still trying to find orders. Looking to stay here in San Diego, but not sure yet. I'm trying to see what's out there.

I thought I had someone who cared about me, but turned out to be nothing. Still trying to meet a wonderful female that I met on here, kinda hard that she lives in the UK area.

So as far as where I go from here, well that's all still up in the air. Anyone want to chat and help me with that one?
Upcoming Events wrote
So, I have less than a week until I pull back in home. I'm getting the floors redone at my house when I return and have to take apart all my furniture when I return. It will take about 4 days to do the work. Then i have to put everything back, or at least enough to get by. Then I go on leave and when I return from that, put the rest of it back. then underways and work like hell and go crazy some more.
So, I am in the middle of nowhere.... wrote
Yea, I'm on my second deployment for the US Navy. And it sucks. I have no idea where I am other than somewhere around 300-400 miles off some coastline. I am bored as a muther fucker and could use some friends to chat with and help keep me sane. Hit me up for a chat. I usually check this 2-3 times a week.
4 entries  

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