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laughing at the news the world record hide and seek champion has been found dead in his cupboard
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some of the genius of a little bald manc wrote
ricky says: have you ever had haggis

karl says: its black pudding init

ricy says: no no its mince...

karl says: i like mince

ricky says: yer but wait...its mince... in a sheep's stomach..

karl says: arrrr.... what...so thay force feed a sheep mince then kill it

some stuff i realy like...alot wrote
cold side of the pillow, play fighting with the opposite sex, crying with laughter, noodles, fresh socks. my 1 big slipper, coffee and marmite on toast(best combo), owww women god WOMEN, msn, mid riff on women, bungie, curry,my pink striped shirt, jeans, orange mango smotheys, sainsbury.s chocolate and butterscotch bliss, small tasteful tatooes on women, legs and calf's on women, freshly made bed, back of the neck and knee on women, ow.... god.... SEX
taxi rant wrote
so i get the taxi and tell him can you take me to ribber cresant...he goes
wheres that again
fuck....your a taxi diver your supposed to know the fucking directions...muppit ...i don't know were it is!, im paying you!, find out
he goes ow yer i remember now..which way do you want to go
god...um let me see.well. the fastest way obviously ...id like to pay you a little as possible thanks....like id want to go the scenic root
yer it ull cost 50quid...but at least well get to see some sites
the best show...ow.. and some rant about tvshows wrote
going to see ricky gervais on the 5th of April in Nottingham..arw..its gona be brill.
theres still some tickets left ...so id crab (hum...meant grab.lol) them if you can ladies...ow...and fellas
ow yer did any one see top 50 tv dramas...well it was..SHIT...right it had loads of old ..like period (the old times period....not the womens troubles kind) dramas in...had no mention of the good US dramas like lost,prison break,house,CS,heroes....most of you wont no the last one....just wait till jun
4 entries  

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