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I really fucked it up this time, didn't I my dear.
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Life as we know it. wrote
I have a hangover, a shit tattoo on my left arm (from the previous nights activities) and a burning desire to have a drink. Does this make me a bad person? Fucked if I care as I may shortly be off hunting pirates and drinking rum. Good stuff.
If only she knew.... wrote
I lay here in bed with closed eyes pretending to myself and the world that I am asleep. This is the place, my 'happy' place where I like to torture my dreams with empty thoughts of her. Who knew something that started off so beautifully would turn into something so ugly?
untitled wrote
Why do people read these things? Fucked if I know because I generally don't. In a way I'm writing this for myself. In a nut shell; she is a cunt, fucked me right off and know I've got the hump. End of.
A day in the life. wrote
Today I awoke at a reasonable time, felt mildy hung-over (un-supprisingly), spoke to my mate Frank about going riding later. I also had some breakfast. Now I am listening to Slipknot. Infact the same song on repeat. I have also run out of cigarettes. They say life is easy. Meh!
4 entries  

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