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Men.Are.Useless wrote
Seriously! Some guy just added me to msn, let me reply once, and then had a shit fit at me because apparently I'm not chatty and all one word answers and don't care what he has to say...and he managed to come up with this conclusion with the one reply I managed to send before he went off on one. something tells me said person is slightly derranged and has a few social issues!!!
What I love about faceparty wrote
Idiots that message me and try to tell me my profiles fake, even though it was made way back in the days of 2006 and even though my email address is right there, im always online on it and that i'm not offering anything but conversation. Im sure the point of a fake profile is to conceal the truth to gain things that you want without other people knowing :P

So yea anyway, said idiot added me to msn, apologised and he was swiftly called an idiot, blocked and deleted...poor baby didnt take it w
haaaahahahaha wrote
I love it when someone can't handle rejection, they think they're hot shit. and that everyone wants a bit of them.

Sorry to bust your bubble :P
Tomorrow! wrote
I intend to blow about £200 in the iron fist shop. I'm thinking a new bag and a pretty dress :D Then its off to finish off some photography and then to work at beach club. Its good fun on the thursday nights because its not really busy and everythings £2 so its easy to count up peoples orders instead of having to remember drink prices :P

Yay tomorrow _
4 entries  

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