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How to tell if someone is bored.. They're on FP.
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F F F Faaaaceparrrrteh! wrote
So, I gotta cold, a broken wrist and and an invite to the coolest party this year! (Well, its not long till the end of it and I dont think much is on afterwards thats of any interest)

Jackpot! I cant work with a fucked up wrist soooo whatever happens, i'll be running to London this Saturday! Ah, happy days!

Yeah I dont know why I bothered writing this, perhaps because my last blog was over a year old.. I slack on these things, well and truely.

Hugs n kisses!
24.7.07 wrote
Good Evening!
So whats with the weather? Balls to this global warming stuff, I dont believe it!
Work I am still loving (how great is that!?!)

And play is just as good...
I got myself a nice set of friends I enjoy spending my time with, even if that sometimes includes drinking too much, Im young, thats what im meant to do.

Tv tonight is kinda crap but James May is funny (and no, its not Topgear on)
This blog is kinda random isnt it. Nevermind, its not like I care.
OOOOH its my birthday soon.
Spending a fun filled week in manchester with my sister. AKA hidin out in her spare room on one of the computers and playing random games all day.
Goin to a rock gig on the night i get there and then a gig on my birthday tho, so it cant be all that bad!

What am i sayin, shes gonna kill me within 2 days. She has to have her way and always be right. Bah humans make mistakes. (well i still hold the sanity and teeth in the family so i shouldnt complain)
Well Hi! Wow you must be bored to actually sit here and read this thingie. Nevermind eh, I must be worse as i am the one writing it :) Well erm. Today has been eventful already. My work place got broken into and robbed. Ive had my prints taken so they can eliminate me and stuff, and now i gotta wash the ink off the keyboard as im an idiot and forgot its on my hand. I think it was Professor Plum in the dining room with Miss Scarlet, choice of weapon - the candlestick. Kinky
4 entries  

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