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pretty little fuck up
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untitled wrote

find a guy that calls u beautiful instead of hot,who calls u bac when u hang up on him.
who will stay awake just 2 watch u sleep.
wait 4 the guy who kisses your 4head,who wants 2 show u off 2 the world when u r in your sweats,who holds your hand infront of his m8s.
wait 4 the 1 who is constantly remindin u of how much he cares about u n how lucky he is 2 have u.wait 4 the 1 that turns 2 his m8s n says....thats her
who knew wrote
i have no regrets,draw a line in the sand and move on.
chicken shit wrote
just wanted 2 say that this place makes me laugh.so many ppl out their quick 2 rate u coz they hate u but i say grow some fuckin balls n say wot u wanna say 2 me by msg as every1 has a rite 2 an opinion,not sayin that i actually give a toss but give me wot ya got instead of hidin behind your piss poor ratins,lol u poor poor deluded ppl,my heart goes out 2 u.if u actually msg or talk 2 me u will descover im actually a genuinly nice person.xxxx
untitled wrote
hey all u horny guys out there if u like a pretty face n a gorgeous body 2 go wiv it ,hell she's perfect all round,check out my bestest mate bunnygal2.have fun hehe
4 entries  

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