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A good man is hard to find, but a hard man is good to find ;)
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Get hot chocolate! pt4 wrote
I grind my pussy on Chocos crotch to give him a dry fuck. Chocos cock reciprocated by erecting from inside his shorts in reaction to my grinding. Choco wrapped his arm around my body to hug me and used his hands to rub my naked back. Soon Chocos hands followed the curvature of my back and inserted his hands partially into my shorts to squeeze my butt. I let out a little moan from Chocos squeezing of my butt.
Get hot chocolate! pt3 wrote
My fleshy boobs pressed against Chocos chest and I deliberately shifted my body a little to brush my nipple against his. Chocos body shivered a little when our nipples met, I too felt a sudden jolt rushing through my body. The excitement of having sex with my best friend was just too overwhelming for me.
Get hot chocolate! pt2 wrote
To push Choco beyond the point of no return I push Chocos hands away from my boobs before removing my tank top and bra quickly. I saw that Chocos eyes was fixated to my naked breast as if being hypnotize by my breast. I helped Choco remove his top and lean down so that my face was just slightly away from his face. I whispered into Chocos ear, since you feel guilty touching me why dont you feel me with your body?
Get hot chocolate! pt1 wrote
Me: nice?
Choco: yes
Choco was blushing. I love his shyness. So~~~ cute.
Using both hands I pushed Choco down onto the bed and mounted him by sitting on his crotch.
Choco: Sakadoplease get up both of us are attached. What if they find out?
Me: they wont find out if we dont tell.
I grabbed Chocos hands and place them on my boobs. Although Choco has a expression of grimace on his face but his hands didnt leave my boobs.
Choco: you know what I promise my girlfriend right?
Get hot chocolate! Prologue wrote
Previously: Choco turn around and I immediately grabbed his face with both my hands and planted a deep kiss on his lips. I did not take long before Choco began to accept my kissing and opened his lips slightly. I began to french him and used my tongue to push the mint candy into his mouth....
5 entries  

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