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Reunion wrote
It's been nearly 7months since my last entry and well as promising as my last blog should have been nothing went as expected toward the end of last year what a surprise. On the upside a reunion may be on the horizon havent seen alot of my old college chums as we've all been busy with our lives some of us went on to pursue our careers namely me who's now thinking I may not be cut out for finance office work lol. Be seeing you guys real soon cant wait I say booze and pics 4 ma facebook =D
Decisions wrote
DJ and I had a wildly interesting conversation the other day we were at it til 4am in the morning just talking about stuff including his 18th birthday which is in 2months time. I dont wanna miss it so I've decided to take 5days annual leave and fly to Dublin to celebrate his 18th birthday with him and his friends. He's very happy about it and so am I just need top work out the finer details. Anything can happen between now and then life's weird like that but whatever comes I'll face it head on.
Paradise Lost wrote
Well DJ and I ended our relationship in May 3days shy of our 4month anniversary. Was a hard decision to make and even harder to live with but we did. We're back to being friends again but it's not the same but we're dealing. Used ma connections to get ma mate a job in our department at work it's still trial basis but am optomistic. Woohooo I won Justin Timberlake tickets 4 the O2 Arena on 10th July cant wait gonna be awesome... And right now ma love life sucks less love and even less sex!!!
Update wrote
It's been ages since I done a new blog. What can I say hey 2day's Adrian's 24th Birthday woohoo that boi dont look a day over 16 lol bless um. Even happier news DJ got in to college in London so happy about that now when I wanna see him I'll just get a bus or the tube instead of a Ryanair flight to Dublin lol. On another front got our annual payrise letter yesterday woohoo well not so much the payrise stinks was even worst than last year's can somebody say it's time to find a new job? ME! ME!
Had great weekend again was pretty active after work Friday went to Finchley Road with my Manager Natasha we went Old Orleans and had cocktails before going cinema to see Superman Returns. Saturday went Apsley In Hemel for BBQ at my Supervisor's was awesome as I was the grill man haha u've not lived til u've had my meat :P. Saturday night ended up In Thornton Heath where I got 2 kiss a very gorgeous Bartender :D then finally got home at 2pm Sunday afternoon... Sweet weekend

5 entries  

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