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its me mel and im loving the new life i lead
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2010 wrote
well its 9 june 2010 im off work at the mo suffering from back problems during my prgnancy... my life has changed so much in the last 2/3 years and i am indeed the happiest girl alive... settled down with my sexy man we are now tje owners of 2 rabbits and a baby due on the way in august... so ross will be daddy to my lill boy.. cant wait.. we had planned this for some time but wanted to share our first holiday together last september before we started to try for a family.. happy happy
oh how i have changed wrote
right now im happy... boaring mayb... but happy. i dont mind staying in these days ive learnt that ive grown up. met someone in my life who i my best friend. he makes me smile even when im a grumpy bitch. i love u to bits babe an no matter where life takes us u will always be my best bud.. i hope one day u will be the father of our children but if not u will always have a space in my heart.... x x love ya x x
bad knee lol wrote
oh dear.. packed in the idea of going away for a weekend an insted got drunk.. an yes havic did happen as per usual. me an gem got wanked gobbed off acted like dikes an i fell over.. badly i dint just trip i proppa fell over in po nanas an brused my knee shoes fell off an ripped gemmas top in the process sorry mate love ya.. all that an i was trying to convince my man i dont drink ha ha
today i both look an feel like shit.. WHY?? to much partying tomuch work an not enough sleep.. i think i have had 6 hours in 3 days not good.. last friday got drunk had a shit night check out my drunken pics oh dear.... this week didb optic wed larva thurs and ignite last night. im shattared but hay ho its saturday and more party party...
well today feels like the first day to the rest of my life. i woke up this morning at 9 after 4 hours sleep and went to work feeling pants, and for a min i thought i cant handle this and then for the last 6hours of work i thought hay! this is what life is all about.
getting up after a night out planning the next night and im loving it. no text asking me where i went who i was with are you sure ya diddnt even look at any one else. what a freeking joke i dont miss that at all.
single life!!!
5 entries  

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