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My Car wrote
Ok people, i have had messages off people, mainly girls actually asking me "why did you go for the scirocco GT and not just the golf gti?" and statements such as "the golf gti has more of a made name for itself and is more practical". My answer to these is this. The scirocco has the same 207hp engine but it has a wider wheelbase and a lower ride height which means that it will handle better than the golf gti FACT! Over practicality, i dont have kids so i dont need 5 seats, 4 will do :) its sexy
Summer, or what we have of it. wrote
The weather has been amazing the last few days but its bank holiday weekend next weekend and guess what, we are due to have some low pressure system moving in which means the weather will be crap. Why is it, when we have a bank holiday or some days off work the weather goes crap. Oh and a tip, the sefton beer garden in west derby village is the absolute buisiness, and i mean the business but get there before 12pm on a sunny day as you wont be able to get a table because it gets rammed!
Right WOMEN! Im fed up of you lot takin the piss the way you drive, you think you own the road and that you should be given the right of way all the time. Women in RANG ROVERS (yes you know who you are, with your massive half ton plastic channel glasses to cover them baggy eyes from all the coke you snort) I WILL NOT GIVE WAY TO YOU UNLESS YOU LEGALLY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! Im fed up of women range rover drivers inparticular cos u lot cant drive. I dont care who ur fella is, I WONT HAVE IT!
I went the raz last night after going to dr duncans and the reflex and omg i forgot at what such a god forsaken hole that place is! All things considered i would rather go the grafton! Your feet stick to the floor when u walk, all the girls are basically s****n all the lads, even pakistani or black lads which brings me to another point, there r loads of em in there tryin to go on the graft for all the white girls which makes me sick. Also, the toilets, euggghhh! Never goin there again! EWWWW!
Town over the xmas period, whats the point? wrote
Not to sound like an arl far or anythin but goin to town over the xmas and new years period is there any point? The cabs are all on doube fare and as for black cabs they name their own stupid price on the night IF u even get one. Everywere is pure packed to burstin, drinks prices go up by 200%, town is full of cranks. I mean i love town but over xmas time, is it worth the bother? I dont think so. Im not an old fart i just think that there is no point goin to town if its gonna be crap!
5 entries  

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