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i tell it like it is!...bite me!
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head cases wrote
usually fakers r sad guys using models pics trying to get bi-girls on cam for a dirty talk and a ham shank...thing is half their friends list is full of fakers doin the EXACT same thing..so basically wot u have is a bunch of BLOKES using girls pics wanking off wile they dirty talk another BLOKE using girls pics...sick much? lol

if anyone wants a laugh check out the comments on the page of this faker i had a chin wag with

respect wrote
just a note to people who are in relationships of have young children that have sexy or provocative pics up...HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT! for single people out there fair enough,cant knock someone who wants a little fun or attention,its only human....but its no good having 'in a relationship' and saying they not interested in guys/girls chatting them up then having a gallery full of pics with their shit hanging out...like what did you think people where gonna do when you put stuff like that up!?ha
men wrote
looking at this site and just seing how sum blokes conduct themselves in general i gotta say they are a disgrace to their gender.have sum standards for gods sake fellas! the amount of girls profiles that r bordeline obese,with back cleavage and everything..and lads comment saying 'your the hottest on here' 'your gettng me hard' etc i mean cmon! sum blokes are just so led by ther hormones they lose all standards and self respect.either that of most young men must suffer from cateracts...
airheads wrote
just read sum page ther of some typical blonde barbie type,her whole about me section goes on and on about dont judge a book by its cover and that she is more intelligent that anyone can fathom...then goes on to put under interests 'makeup' and 'glitter' hahaha u cant make this shit up.i can see the first date now: guy:"so what kind of things u into?" her:"wel im really into glitter" guy:"whoa! serious!? me too! i just love everthing about glitter,wow we have so much in common!"
4 entries  

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