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Sweetest thing every!!! wrote
Remember...The Days When Friends Never Told Lies - When The Worst Thign Any1 Could Ever Call You Was 'Mean' - The Days When The Only Person U Wanted To Hear Say ''I Love U'' Was Ur Mum - And Now ... Your Friends Lie 2 U More Than Ur Enemies - Everyday People Will Think Ov A New Thing 2 Call U Jus To Make U Cry - And U Would Give Up Every Moment Ur Mum Ever Told U She Loved U - Just To Hear Him Say It *One Last Time*

this is so sweet!
Prince wrote
OMG this weekend was officially the best ever!!!! went to see prince on friday OH MY GOD! he was absolutly amazing!
and saturday i hasd the best night out n met some cool ppl and some seriously hot guys ;-)!! didnt stop drinking til 7 am sunday morning!!! was soooo good
The sun is shining!!!! wrote
Thought i'd update this as im bored at work lol
First part of this year was really shit!!! But im in a new place new job, new friends new life!!! Starting to become a Banbury Girl!

Now its the latter half of 2007 and is gna be fun fun fun all the way!!! ;-)
3 entries  

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