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Laughter....xxx wrote
Lighten up. When you feel like blowing your top, ask yourself, will it matter a week from today? Laugh the hardest when the joke is on you.

Find the time to be kind and thoughtful. I'm too busy is a lame excuse. All of us have the same allotment of time--24 hours a day.

Give a compliment. It might give someone a badly needed lift.

Think things through. Don't make rash judgments. Forgive an injustice. Listen more. Be kind.
Always remember... wrote
Make a genuine effort to stay in closer touch with family and good friends. Words that you have to eat can be hard to digest.

Don't blow your own horn. If you've done something praiseworthy, someone will notice eventually.

Apologize when you realize you are wrong. An apology never diminishes a person. It elevates him/her.

Phoniness is transparent, and it tiresome. Take pleasure in the beauties and the wonders of nature. A flower is God's miracle.
2 entries  

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