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Being a fattie!!! wrote
Ok..heres the senario...Me, a shop,2 guys..i walk past..
1st guy ' hmmmm shes fit'..
i carry on, thinking 'ahh how nice',feel kinda good, secretly smile to myself..
2nd guy ' yeah she'd be even fitter if she lost some weight'..
I carry on,feeling rather shitty now,but still secretly smile because..
Im all woman,yes im a curvy size 12 with 34dbl E's and i have an ass
but im proud of my wobbly bits and love who i am and who i have become..
I can lose my weight can u change ya face's ,twats
pervs do i have to tell ya !!! wrote
OH MY GOSH wat part of piss off u durty ass pervs do some of u ppl not get...im not a slut ,im not interested in how big ya thang is and i certainly dnt wanna see it on web cam and u deffo aint seein anythin of mine..to all u luvvly ppl from africa/senagal/nigeria/turkey read the profile IM NOT LOOKIN FOR A HUBBY B/F OR ANYTHIN OF THAT SORT i dnt care if u think we are made for each other and ur parents wud luv *this union* (i.e passport) but feck orf plz sheesh lol and no u aint havin my msn!!
smoking!!! wrote
wahey too me! ive just given up smoking its been 3 days now lol (not long i know) and ive joined a gym (to those ppl who know me ,YES i said gym lol) had to do summat about my fat ass hehehe , goin bk to tenerife in 2 wks time cant wait and again in august so im gonna be healthy n sorta fit wen i hit them beaches,cant be doin the whale look its sooo last yr!
more holidays !!! wrote
ok so i went to egypt in march and it was amazing, lost my top in the tombs so theres gonna be one funky lookin mummy roamning around lol hope it likes diesel hehehe and if u see it plz ask for it back lol and ive just got back from tenerife with my sis wow how much fun did we have, met sum gr8 ppl, hotel full of bleedin germans gosh they get around dnt they and wats with the boobs always out ppl on the beach huh huh not that im complainin well i spose i am but wen ur 60-90 keep them away lol
woohooo am i the holiday queen or wat jus got back from salou not all that but was still quite good had a few nights where i got in a 7 am again lol im gerrin far to old for this !!! but anyhoo got another one comin up at the end of the year so no doubt ill let yas all know about that one hehehehehe oh yeah and no offence but why are spanish ppl so bleedin rude an pervy sheesh omg ive never had my butt grabbed so much ewwww !!
5 entries  

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