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May Contain Nuts.
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emz on the computa wrote
im not weird....beth is cruel but i wuv her....couldv'e writen a more sexy description of me though. Now she's makin me write more so....uummm....

sorry for broadcastin ur accident earlier, but it did look like a bird shit =) After beth was told about her white ass, she went into the toilet and scratched it off, ignoring the girl that was lookin strangely over at her =P. She says she doesnt give a fuck....hmmmm. Beth IS GOING to go out for a fag with me now....

Emz x
Weridos.. wrote
Im sitting in my college class with my much loved bit very weird mate emma.. shes got long brown hair, hockey hoody on.. and shes just trying to make me entertain on her phone.. but im flagging her as she deserves it.. :P .. i had chewing gum on my bum today .. and emma thought she'd just broadcast it across the librey .. so thanks emma.. only half of yale now no that im thick enough to sit on a big blob of chewing gum .. :( .. im gunna make sure she catches my conjuctivitus.. but shhh ;) !!
Yaaaay! wrote
well, just found out from my dearly beloved father that im having a new black corsa sxi for my birthday wooohoo! im so excited.. jst a warning tho.. if youre walking through wrexham.. b careful as a blonde crazy ass bitch cud b driving your way.. and cud mayb drive in2 you! ....:P
One of the most boring days of my life ! wrote
im sitting here with jolene by dolly parton on reply, talking to people on the internet, half of them are only intrested in what colour knickers ive got on and if im wetter than a peodo in a playgound! im bored and i need to get out ofmy house, last night wasnt much fun either, runing round my room lie a lost f*cking chickin, away from a giant moth that the other moths probly called him rick waller or sumint... he was hugge!
Enyways im guna gooo :(
hangover day! wrote
well,well,wel its 3:19 in the morning, and im still awake, funny anough i went out saturday night...got so drunk..i walked into a bush and said sorry.. and now im here on the computer, when really... thinking of how hungover i was this morning.. you'd think i'd be in bed sleeping .. dreaming of those sexy sheep that apparently me and my fellow welsh friends get a kick outta shagging..
anyways i didnt even realise that there was this blog thing on here? oh well..
for now.. goodnight & godbless
5 entries  

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