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Does anyone even use this anymore?
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Laura's Word of Wisdom wrote
Vegan Cola Bottles FTW
29/12/08 wrote
Wow, last time I wrote a blog, it was 3 years ago. Update on the much side?! Nothing to update to be completely honest I'm still working away in the petshop and drinking too much. Trying to give up as the hangovers are getting worse!!! CHEWBACCA BOKING ANYONE?!?! Tryin to meet new peeps off this cos I'm rather bored with the goings on of my life!! Need new things to do !! New places to goooo!!!

Ok, I'm bored now.

omg pasta bake makes me heave. goin out tonight to cafe full on stressin cos i duno whther i should wear "the dress" or not.... tryin to get hold of kelly to see if i can wear her dress instead but she aint answerin arrrgh!!!! umm part from that, nuthing at all in the slightest bit interesting has happened... sorry !!! x
well went to the staff xmas dinner, and wasnt really my cuppa tea...didnt like the food really and yeh, was just a bit borin. but in syain that i was in a super grumpy mood neways cos of...things...! went to cafe afterwards was alright like, the usual night that one can expect from cafe. have decided that from today im not going to drink any alcohol for 4 weeks...good luck me!!! xox
oops... my mom found tattoos on my body which she hasnt seen before and i got shouted at....awk weel!!!
hows things? im fine, went to cafe last night, was alright like, not a full on exciting night, but was dead on enough. my staff do xmas dinner on sat night and im stressin as to what to wear!!! or where to go afterwards!!! cafe or wolseys?? mmm... ANYWAYS!!! thats all from me folks...laterz xxx
5 entries  

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