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i would rather be hated for what i am than loved for what am not.
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wow long time no write... wrote
well fuck a duck im actually classed as an adult now, 21 hmm...haha. still a big kid i think just with bigger balls and more common sense nowadays. cant believe its 2010 already, i was just gettin into the noughties as they call it.
Quality not quantity i say, im quite enjoying the 'finding myself' stage right now as havent had a chance to for past few years as been focusing on men and other people first. this year 2010 is about me, myself and i. time to make a change n get my head out my ass.
bullshit wrote
its all bullshit, his lies, his love, and promises he made.
cant believe I'd feel this way :(.
but i can hold my head up, be strong,
i knew for a while this day would come,
emptiness and lonliness inside of me,
tearing away at me, maybe one day he'l see,
just the pain he made me feel,
the whole god damn thing, it wasnt real....

just a short poem/song a wrote about my ex. (it was spur of moment so its shit and random lol).
love hurts people....:(.
its been a long hard year wrote
Its been one of the most hardest and challenging years this year,
I have made new friends, lost a lot of 'old friends', but relaly it has made me realise just who does give a shit about me and who is the most important people in my life.
I wouldnt be here today writing this too if it wasnt for my wonderful mum and my gorgeous lovely boyfriend jamie :). hes been a best friend to me over the past 2 years and more recently a lovely lover :) lol.
anyways peace to all of you lovely people.corale
3 entries  

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