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Bowie was wrong. Nothing really changes. wrote
So my trepidation was clearly my inner voice of experience warning me that a (Def) Leppard can not change its spots. I am obviously way too trusting to be a lesbian in present times. And totally naïve to give her a second chance!
At least the elephant-in-the-room (that I questioned but was told to ignore) was finally acknowledged. And almost to the exact date of the last time she did this, too!
So there the game ends - it was fun for the most part but the novelty has really worn off now.
Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-2 wrote
Funny how things that appeared linear become cyclic.
I find myself back where I was a decade or so ago.
Certainly older, but apparently no wiser.
Definitely more forgiving.
And far more open-minded.
And again throwing caution to the wind, in the hope to gain something so potentially and amazingly special that I never quite managed to achieve so many times before.
By my very nature I am at a huge disadvantage with comparatively little to give.
But with a genuine desire to try
Dreams. Involuntary or subconsciious? wrote
I dreamed I was with an ex whom I haven't seen for a long time, in their house.
Eventually I turned to leave, and someone else was standing there, someone who I once thought meant something to me. She motioned to talk to me.
I said nothing, just looked at her a moment and continued to walk away.
This disturbed me briefly after I awoke - I guess I assumed that if that situation presented itself I would take the opportunity to talk, maybe lay some old ghosts to rest.
Maybe I was wrong.
Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch- wrote
So far back, everything changed.
Paradoxically, it appears some things will always be the same...

(Oh, and it was a Bowie reference...)
20/20 wrote
Funny how things become clearer in time. Regardless of what is deliberately obscured from our vision.
5 entries  

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