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xxx Schwinger xxx
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Rhona and Carly simply the best!!! wrote
Bottle of Glens Vodka...£10!!! Coke/Irn-Bru to mix it with...£1.50...Entry to candlerooms £3.00 (coz were staff) Carly and Rhonas fucked up drunken banter FUCKIN PRICELESS!!! AAWOOHOO!!! Love yoo ya skanky ho xxx
YOYOYO wrote
The best things in life are unseen, thats why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry and dream!

Keep it real, cop a feel, do a jig, dance a reel, fly high, aim low, il be there when u feel the wind blow, forever friends, u r the one, thru thick and thin we will both grow, separate ways we now must go but ur my friend i always know! Awww its great when u need it the most your one true friend says somethin to make u realise things are never that bad, love you paul xxx
YEEHAA wrote
Well its time for a wee update, just got back in touch with my old best mates, love yoo kimbo and ashley, cant wait to see you two again...barracks here we come haha! Im back with my ex and already i dont know what i ever did without him for so long lol, what can i say great guy! Just been shopping for my new house, only getting the best now iv won my case! And you all thought it wouldnt happen, just shows you how people shouldnt underestimate the power of telling the truth!!! Laterz xxx
Well just back from an Amy MacDonald concert, it was amazing, support act was great and the lady herself was shit hot!!! Fantastic live got loadsa pics n vids...got chatted up by some random sound guy, bloody gorgeous hehe! Not game though! Not yet anyway! Il put some pics n vids up when i get them on my comp. Going to go n see my wee angel just now, ooh ooh ooh got a stunning house now too hehe cant wait to move in and getting a new motor soon the one im buying is mint xxx
4 entries  

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