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now then why is it that i have a attention span of a gold fish? but an extream additive personality
Name: George Taylor
Details: 33 years old (Aries), Male, Single, Straight
Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/indiemadboy25
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In my own words

like 2 swim, play basketball, football, read, go to the gym and have it large!

Im pretty starte forword speek my mind witch in ways has got me in the shit, but it can be helpful at times

and if you havent clicked on to it yet my spelling is about as good as a 8 year old but im sure you sort of know what im banging on about lol
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Hang on right there creep
See one thing i dont understand are some people who are shallow on hear like

e.g "oh my, i like 2 spunk in your face, hey u wana talk"

the thing im trying 2 get at is, its not fair is it not wanting to talk 2 some one because they are not "hot!"

i think its bull shit!

and talking dirty on hear well fair play but really are u better off trying 2 get layed on hear or getting out in a club?

what im trying 2 say is no i dont wana talk dirty i wana chat shit about u, dogs any thi
My Pet Hate...

people who dont wash there hands after going to the tolet! come on that is rong! some rat start telling me its all gravy if u dont wash your hands and it doesent matter! tell him i was itching my bellend as i was making him his dinner and i bet it wont b all gravy then will it!lol and some kid i live with even thow a pet h8 shouldent be someone its the only pet h8 i have is him! he eats my food, smokes all my backie, lends my stuff and then lose's it and wonders why he d
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greeb_gal_666 wrote...  
hey chickon u okay aint heard of you in ages hope ur kl n stuff im well bored i am :(
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alexi-me wrote...  
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alexi-me wrote...  
i did send you a message!! a big ooone with like my life story haha. how u doin? u moved in somewhere now? xx
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alexi-me wrote...  
HEYHEYHEY. whats up?! yeah so im still living in scotland in a bed and breakfast but hoping to get a house soon with this girl i met. i haaate not being able to go out everynight, it does my head in. anything new happened with you? im going to my hair now, but i dunno what colour. i think blonde is happening <3
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greeb_gal_666 wrote...  
not been up to much to be fair lol been gettin stoned hope ur doinf well u best be going to the next party lol ill well bored should get online topmorow if i go down my mom my laptop fucked up so i need to reinstal windows on it but it should be all good after that i hope xxx *hugs*
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hi wrote...  
like i sed dnt giv me that crap :)
they ain't hard shut up lol the weva is 2 hot 4 that
i cnt memba wot else u sed so will jst say am gd u n not bin doin alot jst the same old shit wbu
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alexi-me wrote...  
hiya<3 im good thanks, how you doing?! im back in england in 2 weeks :) im well excited. proper skint though and cant even sign on because im not 18 yet, so im going to be poor and probably end up on the streets haha xx
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hi wrote...  
dnt giv me that crap
i msg u n u neva reply so y bova wiv sum1 hu cba 2 talk 2 ya?? erm derr lol
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hi wrote...  
u can go on there 2 talk 2 more bitches but u cnt msg me bck :O
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hi wrote...  
wot u mean gettin nutted lol
erm i'm gna go wiv ma mum wen she gets her tattoo dun go out wiv ma m8s n go c ma nephew n that not all 2day but this week n that lol wbu xx
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one 2 one
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Favorite Things

Italian, but in genral im a fan of all food!

Rock is da best, 2nd dance 3rd sole

TV Show
Family guy, motd,

joesapartment shawshankredemption requiemforadrea

Author / Book
dan brown

Night Club / Bar
fuzzy duck, liquid, elm grove n parmie rd



london n portsmouth



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