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Name: -whore_of_god-
Details: 32 years old (Pisces), Female, Open Minded
Location: Everywhere yet nowhere near those that matter, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/-whore_of_god-
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I like playing with the colours :D
Karis && Ciara
In bed <3
In my own words

[THESISTERPROFILE]You hardly know me, I don't really care whether you like what you see or not. I won't open myself up like a book for you to get the full picture. I won't kiss your arse to gain brownie points and I won't lie to you, and if its blatantly obvious, it'll be brought up. I'll only take shit from you if I like you, or I want to get in your underwear. However, can I just clarify, I don't give a crap if you and your husband's sex life has gone up the shitter and you need it spicing up, I won't be the victim [shudder] and accordingly - don't message me. I also don't give a flying fuck if you want to lick my shoes and take a dump on my chest, if you just in general have some sorta fetish or want to violate any of my orifices - don't fucking message me.
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Why is it people always want what they can't have, and don't appreciate what they've got when they have it?

I just can't get my head round it. People want the unattainable and miss what they had, that they can't anymore.

Christ almighty.
Why can't you people value what you have when you have it?

What if all the world you think you know
Is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection
Is it all you want it to be?

[*These people aren't actually mine. But I <3 THEM]
My Pet Hate...

Crumbs in the flora spread.The people on chat that enter with'Yo Yo Yo'as this isnt street,& no one is gonna'Big you up'because of it-you stupid wanker.People who slam hotel doors at 7am,people who talk loudly in restaurants,people who use a word without knowing its meaning.West Life.Uri Geller.People who bust things & haven't got the baIIs to own up..People lying to me,people bitching about me & people judging before they even know me.Oh &this updated fp[x]
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chapter-four wrote...  
Fanks. x As if you're 21 now. :|
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jeezas_kryst wrote...  
Bint <3
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samwise50pence wrote...  
Ello, whats up with you?
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sitheguy78 wrote...  
:O nice name, lucky god :( what good did he ever do :( x
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sweetandhorny wrote...  
ur gorjuss babe.if u wanna chat on msn add me ur addy. [email protected] spk soon xxxx
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bibbblesnlemmings wrote...  
mwehehe hi xD <3 xxxx
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studash1 wrote...  
Hi are you travelling to Austrlia?
In working in Brisbane if ever you fancied it!
msn or email me on [email protected]
Ashley x
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zephyrboy wrote...  
you say you wouldn't give it for money, yet you offered me your body for 50p just last week!
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my_names_nikki wrote...  
That's well cute =]
hiow're things going with you two?
yeah im good not much has been happening though =[
ooo btw
[email protected] m
my new msn if you wanna chat on there anytime =]
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my_names_nikki wrote...  
lady i aint spoke to you in ages
how are you?
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Favorite Things

Pasta. Pizza. Chicken and Mushroom slice.

-Indie -Rock -Alterock -Alternative -Metal

TV Show

Ghost in the shell

Author / Book
J. D. Salinger


[My* Hana and James]

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Bed, at night, alone, quiet. [Peace]

My phone, my freedom.


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