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As ever.
Name: Leah
Details: 35 years old (Pisces), Female, Single, Straight
Location: London, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/layah128
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In my own words

I'm impulsive, and will remain that way until I'm settled and can no longer be selfish.
I get told constantly that I'm too nice, maybe I am? But I like it, I don't enjoy people around me being sad. And being a good person is important right? Life's too short to have a bad attitude.
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Loisi says.... you fuckign move on i dnt have to justify to you either why your an childish little gimp.. you move on your pathetic... as a matter of fact your awfull a child not knwoing wat the hell shes going on about and an ugly 1 at that your pathetic .. theres way too may of you about as it is in this country you havent got a fuckign clue wat your talkign about you ugly bitch

Nice work sugarplum ;P
My Pet Hate...

People saying my name wrong, "Lee-uh" btw, I hate people who walk slow in the middle of the pavement, attention-seekers, people who try too hard to be, people who seem to think hiding emotion makes them better or wittier, violence, musical stand-up comedians, rudeness, homophobes, strangers telling me to cheer up in public? I have a miserable face, I'm still a happy person, fuck off! I have a lot of pet hates.
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the_awesome_becca wrote...  
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melyn wrote...  
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meadle wrote...  
Having an addictive personality is a bad thing with this place
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thedreamersdisease wrote...  
The summers we spent online mocking those poor illiterate souls *sigh*. Most of our customers either smell or are in
God's waiting room. At least you passed out in your own toilet, kudos for that haha. Being adult sucks ass. There's a decent place in Angel so i'm told, it's called feeling gloomy I think?x
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meadle wrote...  
That's cool. Just thought it was funny!
How come you're back?
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meadle wrote...  
your friends list is like a who's who of deleted members and Jase!
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thedreamersdisease wrote...  
Hahahaha! Why can't we have those days back eh :( I wish I was young forever haha. Time flies by eh? Yeah dealing with members of the public is somewhat challenging. Oooh big plans then! Must be hard saving mind, say you're a drinker right? You're in London, right? I'm in search of a wingman (or woman) fancy getting drunk? :) x
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lanna wrote...  
I'm good, thanks. How've you been?
It's so weird seeing old skool faceparty people on here, doesn't feel the same without the chat thing - or is there still a chat and I'm just too stupid to find it? =P
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thedreamersdisease wrote...  
Hahaha! You remember that? How long ago was that? We are talking YEARS. Before you went to Scotland. Before I went up Uni. Christ. Like 4 years at least? I love working where I do :) what do you do now? Have you got a plan on where you'd like to go? :) x
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lanna wrote...  
Leah! I forgot this site even existed - and someone else has the name -angelcorpse- now, pfft. Anywhore, hello. :D
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Favorite Things

I don't have a favourite.

Again, no favourite.

TV Show
For now? The Walking Dead.

Too many choicezzzz.

Author / Book
I have a lot of favourites.

Night Club / Bar
I don't have a favourite.

I love all animals except for fish and insects.

I have lots of favourite people.

Urm. No favourite?

I love old photos, I'd take them in a fire.


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